Milly the brave and friends - Go show jumping

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The first in a series of books to help develop children's social and emotional skills.  

This book explores the subject of bravery and includes an activity page for you to engage your child in what bravery really is and the feelings associated with stepping out of your comfort zone!

About the story:

Rory, Indy and Milly are three horsey best friends who go on all sorts of adventures together!

Today sees them going head-to-head at a show jumping competition!

Indy clearly thinks that she is the winner before the competition has even started, but Rory the rocket thinks he can beat Indy to the top spot! Milly is a little hesitant; the jumps are big and scary and she’s still learning… Will Indy use her experience to come out on top? Will Rory use his speed to pip her to the post? Or will brave old Milly win the golden cup?

Size:  A4 Landscape

Contains a glossary with pictures for those that aren't familiar with horse terminology and a map of the three friends village.....who doesn't love a map?!