About Us

Todhpurs are the first riding boots made with toddlers and young children in mind. They are comfy, reliable and easy to fit on those wiggling toes.

Todhpurs has been created by three sisters who came up with the idea back in 2015 when Hannah (the eldest) had her first child George.

Finding the perfect pony, our little Pixie was easy but finding the perfect boots for George was a near impossible challenge. No matter where we looked, there were no riding boots on the market for toddlers and young children that looked as good as regular children’s boots or were not up to the standard we would want from our own boots.

What started out as a bit of a dream soon started to turn into a reality with help from a family friend who put us in touch with our amazing suppliers. With endless challenges and changes we were finally presented with a boot we fell in love with.

We were fortunate enough to grow up with a Mother who had a passion and a love for anything with four legs and a tail, and because of that we had the best start in life which took Hannah and Pip on to further education at Brooksby College and Hartbury University to carry on their love for horses. We have loved growing up with riding, and we each were involved in various equestrian activities, from show jumping to dressage and polo and because of this we think every little tod, sprog and child who wants to ride from a young age should have all they need to do so – that includes the perfect boots.

With the help of amazing children’s footwear experts, we sourced manufacturers who provided the very best material and designed and created our Todhpurs riding boots.We spent a year experimenting with different samples and styles to ensure that the boots are as parent and toddler friendly as we can make them. We have created our gorgeous little boots with a zip on the front to make them easy to get on and off, especially in cold muddy weather, a good loop at the back to help pull them up and a small heel for safety in the stirrups. Now we can proudly present Todhpurs, the perfect little boots for precious little feet.

All we aim to do is give your child the best start in their equestrian lives, we want these years to be filled with love and joy like ours were. When they too look back at the memories and the happiness riding gave to them we will know that we have achieved all we set out to do, providing children with the best equestrian products to support them from an early age.